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We've held on to that dream for so long, and still haven't seen it, so frustration settles into our hearts. Waiting a long time for prayers to be answered can get messy. In this short read, Maria Tome and her friends share personal stories on how waiting seasons have pushed them to find purpose, believe bigger, and dream bigger right in the middle.

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7 Touch Points

Journal Included Inside

Are you ready to learn how to navigate a waiting season, and dream bigger dreams for your future?

1. She knows where she wants to go.

2. She knows her identity.

3. She serves while she waits.

4. She develops mental toughness while she waits.

5. She's thankful while she waits.

6. She laughs while she waits.

7. She rests while she waits.


Waiting and Dreaming

Winter 2020

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. Waiting and Dreaming, the latest title from an upcoming author, is sure to assist in developing patience within your own story and faith to dream again. Order your copy today.

"If you’ve lost excitement in what you're waiting for, I pray that you find hope to keep the dream alive and develop a purpose-driven mindset, even in the waiting."

Maria Tome


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